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About Caribbean House


Your hosts, Dave & Marcia Zensinger, purchased the Caribbean House Key West in August 2018, but are no strangers to Innkeeping. Their journey started in 1999 at the Key West's Washington Street Inn, a ten-room guesthouse converted from long-term housing to a motel, to a lovely B&B. Then in 2012 Dave & Marcia purchased Seascape Inn on Olivia Street, bringing it to a new standard of guest accommodations.

Both Marcia & Dave had corporate careers in Healthcare- Marcia in Operations and Dave in Finance, which made them perfectly suited as partners in a B&B. With long hours and lots of hard work, they transformed this business and two others into friendly, affordable, well-appointed accommodations. They added services and amenities that enhanced the experience. And in the process, they made many, many wonderful friends.

For Caribbean House, in addition to redecorating rooms and adding modern amenities, they added a sumptuous expanded continental breakfast including Complimentary Mimosas that guests rave about. 

We hope you will join us on our journey.